Alley Art_Michael Drummond
Michael Drummond/Senior Staff

Photo Essay: Alleyway art gallery

By Michael Drummond

In the alley behind the west side of Euclid Avenue, ceramic figures and pottery sit carefully placed in between the bars of a cast-iron fence. The sculptures are surrounded by other found objects — paintings, photos, flags, brasiers, beads and stuffed animals — in an uncommissioned gallery of public art
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Tom and Q_Sather Survey_Michael Drummond
Michael Drummond/Senior Staff

Survey says…

By Tom Edmondson

It’s a Tuesday afternoon on campus, and as I’m about to pass through Sather Gate, I see a nice-looking girl handing out flyers and yelling something about saving trees or lowering fees or some other important thing that sounds like that. Whatever it is, I’d rather just keep walking. So
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Julie Liu/Staff

305 and counting

By Chelsea Clouser

On my 20th birthday, I sat hunched over my notebook, pen furiously mutilating the paper because I could not believe it had happened again. The previous day, Oct. 1, Christopher Harper-Mercer — armed with six guns — had opened fire in a classroom at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.
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