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Hijacked: Un-education in the modern American university

By Connor Grubaugh

A liberal education must be an education in virtue, an immersion in the ideas that allow individuals to reason beyond their mere interests as dictated by circumstance, in the mystery of their place and purpose in the world. Such an education is not “safe”: It requires the uncomfortable examination of values in an environment of withdrawn silence, far from the cacophony of pop culture, daily news and social media that so easily drowns out rational thought.
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The death of summer

By Mana Anvar

The hype of summer is there, as are the longer days and warmer weather, but when the school year ends and UC Berkeley students sign up for more and more commitments, our carefree summers begin to look a whole lot like the school year. In some sense, where did real summer go?
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Between the devil and the deep blue sea

By Nour Coudsi

I have been following the news coverage of the refugee crisis day and night. While watching the news, I debate whether I would be happier knowing that my students were still safe in that refugee camp or if they’d be better off fleeing on one of those floating boats in the Mediterranean.
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Michael Drummond/Senior Staff

Singing, clapping, crying: A sorority recruitment lament

By Camille Jetta

As it stands now, rush is a process of glitter-brightened friendship speed dating in which whom you talk to (and thus whom you might connect with) depends entirely on chance. Potential members are expected to choose a potential group of friends and a home for the subsequent four years based on a total of, perhaps, two hours of small talk with a necessarily tiny fraction of the chapter members.
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Michael Drummond/Senior Staff

Welcome to The Weekender

By Weekender Editors

The Weekender is a creative outlet for Berkeley stories of all kinds. We aim to curate reported features, profiles and commentary pieces on relevant issues and people in our community — transforming everyday stories into larger discussions about the forces that drive Berkeley. We also feature creative writing, poetry, personal essays, photography and video. This magazine serves as a platform for both staff writers and one-time contributors from all backgrounds.
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