Negin Shahiar/Staff

Reflections from Iran

By Negin Shahiar

In the ever-changing metropolis of Tehran, they say there exists one constant. When the afternoon sets in, dele adam megeere. Roughly translated, this phrase denotes the midday sense of melancholy that overcomes each city dweller as he gazes at the Tehran skyline. This omnipresent loneliness and longing became familiar to
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Paula Graciela Kahn/Courtesy

Photo Essay: Spaces of contradiction

By Paula Kahn

Photographing makes me feel like the universe’s confidant — a witness to revelations birthed by organic scenes of life’s everyday chaos. My practice is motivated by the compulsive desire to communicate the non­verbal, the secrets inscribed into an environment’s arrangement. The arrangement(s) of people, images and objects are often dismissed
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Michael Drummond/Senior Staff

A Prolix Pleonasm

By Tom Edmondson

a pseudo-exploration in esoteric erudition She was a buxom, slatternly muliebral mondaine in her dotage accoutered with a chignon upon her head, who I later gleaned was a spinster, a dowager, a primipara — most parturient indeed, although I couldn’t imagine her in the process of accouchement — and, in
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William Pan/Staff

Three Poems

By Jason Chen, Sarah Gabrielle Adler and David Anthony

“Grapes” Jason Chen I washed a bowl of grapes for you. And it’s silly, Because if you Wore your glasses, Or had a slouch, I might not even recognize you. But I will Still eat The wrinkled ones. You can have the rest. “The School Bus” Sarah G. Adler The
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Alvaro Azcarraga/Staff

Illustration: Black Crow Berkeley

By Alvaro Azcarraga

The centerpiece of the Mexican flag depicts an eagle clutching a rock while devouring a snake, symbolizing the birth of the ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. To celebrate the 205th anniversary of Mexico’s independence, this drawing recreates this famous image in a Berkeley setting, placing a black crow munching on
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