This was my home — Reflections on the Valley Fire

Small things take on great significance in hindsight. For Labor Day weekend, I headed up to my parents’ home to decompress. I was one week into the new semester and should have sequestered myself in a back room with my books — but I couldn’t. My calendar for the imminent
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Interplay and observation at Symbiosis Gathering, a photo essay

Over the weekend of Sept. 17-20, the 10th anniversary of Symbiosis Gathering served as an epic conclusion of the West Coast “transformational” festival summer circuit. The festival grounds were set on a peninsula at the Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, allowing festival goers to escape the sweltering heat of the day
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Love in another language

“I’ve been wondering if it is truly possible to have a relationship with someone to whom I can’t fully express myself, nor whom I completely understand,” I wrote in my journal March 22, two months into my study abroad experience in Santiago, Chile, and two weeks into dating el chico.
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