Katie Jocelyn /Staff

Can Greek life survive?

By Camille Jetta

During the first week of spring semester — “Welcome Week,” as it’s popularly known — the women of the Panhellenic community at UC Berkeley were forbidden by the presidents of their sororities from attending parties at unaffiliated fraternities and at the apartments at 2722 Bancroft Way, which previously housed Sigma
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Composition and continuation

By Tony Choi

A full symphony orchestra consists of approximately 100 musicians playing string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments led by a single conductor. Orchestra music is surprisingly prevalent and surrounds everyday life. One can relax to the Mozart symphony playing in a hotel lobby or march along to John Williams’ masterful score
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Jessica Gleason/Staff

A dogging future

By Elizabeth Kurata

Once, a Tibetan monk and I were watching a dog rub his back on a rug. Its legs were up in the air like a dead bug, his head rolled back with abandon, and he had surrendered the weight of his tongue to gravity. He looked pretty goofy. The monk
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