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The battle for beer: Kip’s trivia night

By Libby Rainey

Fishbowls are filled, pitchers are poured and a fluorescent Budweiser sign lights Kip’s Bar with promise. Huddles of friends push tables together and gather their chairs in anticipation, and as the minutes tick toward 10 p.m., one patron asks another, “Why am I getting drunk on a Tuesday?” It’s Kip’s
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Tea with strangers

By Nelly Lin

I found myself on a train hurtling 38 miles away from the only place in California I’m familiar with in the pursuit of conversing with four strangers on a Monday night. As a New York City native, my instincts to evade interactions with strangers only kicked in temporarily, before being
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On quitting mobile addictions

By Karen Lin

Remember “Minesweeper,” the old puzzle game that shipped with every Microsoft computer? Last year, I downloaded it on my phone in a fit of boredom and was immediately obsessed with it. I played it so often that the image of the game would rudely intrude in my head while I
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Poems: Mouthful of brine, sunrise

By Eda Yu and Kate Wolffe

Mouthful of brine, Eda Yu i. “I fucked her, but I love you still.” you are echoes of soft laughter under white duvet covers, the many syllabled-broken promise of an ex-lover, a gray, oversized shirt i’ve tried on for size one too many times. you are heavy earth, like your
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Photo essay: A tribute to photography

By Jessica Gleason

From the very moment I picked up a camera, I knew I had stumbled upon something remarkable. I always toiled around in various creative pursuits but never was able to bring about the image I saw in my head. That changed on my ninth birthday, when my dad gave me
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