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The war on frat row: Former city resident Paul Ghysels refuses ceasefire against Interfraternity Council fraternities

By Hazel Romano

Raucous music and hordes of party-goers are frequent features of celebratory occurrences on Frat Row. But to former Berkeley resident Paul Ghysels, they are the creators of a hostile and unwelcome environment. His former residence, a modest colonial home, sits on Durant Avenue and stands quiet — a stark contrast
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Jessica Gleason/Staff

Photo Essay: Portraits of UC Berkeley students

By Elizabeth Gordon and Jessica Gleason

Nicholas Alexander  –If you could change one thing about Berkeley what would it be? “The hyperliberals. I’m a liberal myself, don’t get me wrong. I’m down for socialism; I’m down for a safety net for those who need it. But I’m not down for this ultrasenstitive, politically correct, microaggressive culture.
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Alaa Elshahawi/Staff

An anorexic fashion industry

By Mana Anvar

Magazines. Television shows. Movies. Runway shows. What do these four forms of social media and entertainment have in common? The answer, unshockingly, is that they are all absorbed by little girls, who hope to one day look like those women modeling the newest clothing line or walking the runway. And
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