“Fight the Power”: Two Rappers’ Insight into Politics

Radical politics and musical expression are hopelessly intertwined throughout history and revolutions. The political unrest of many generations is echoed in the music of their respective times: Bob Dylan’s folk is woven within the cultural revolution of the ‘60s; Tupac’s lyrics capture the complex experience of a black man in
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Photo Essay: Portraits of UC Berkeley students

Nicholas Alexander  –If you could change one thing about Berkeley what would it be? “The hyperliberals. I’m a liberal myself, don’t get me wrong. I’m down for socialism; I’m down for a safety net for those who need it. But I’m not down for this ultrasenstitive, politically correct, microaggressive culture.
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Portfolio: Laverne Cox says justice is love

A poem inspired by Laverne Cox’s visit to UC Berkeley in December of 2015.   Laverne Cox says Justice is Love in Public Spaces but     you walk the well-lit path to take the long way home under empty street lamps,   street shops, empty fluorescent spot lights blinking
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An anorexic fashion industry

Magazines. Television shows. Movies. Runway shows. What do these four forms of social media and entertainment have in common? The answer, unshockingly, is that they are all absorbed by little girls, who hope to one day look like those women modeling the newest clothing line or walking the runway. And
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