Personal Essay: Catholi-schism

I‘ve decided it’s best for me not to get confirmed.”   I’ll never forget the face my grandmother made when those words drove their way out of me with a sheepish rasp. I was 16 years old when I revoked my membership from the Catholic Church in front of Uncle
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A tasty sip of anti-anxiety: MeloMelo Kava Bar

Main Character: Rami Kayali, a South Florida native with a vibe that makes one assume the word “vibe” is of frequent use to him. Place: MeloMelo Kava Bar. Props: Two wooden bowls filled with a murky liquid. I am sitting in a room that can only be described as chill.
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Photo Essay: Berkeley youth living with disabilities

Too often, society defines people by their appearance. For example, when some see a person in a wheelchair, they see only that. Unfortunately, this can lead to people with a disability being instantly defined by their inabilities; they are assumed to be incapable of experiencing certain aspects of life like
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A movement to rename Barrows Hall

Imagine a dystopian world where a majestic statue of Stalin looms over the city of Berkeley with gleaming rays illuminating its glory in a heroic, celestial manner. That’s a completely absurd notion, but it can be agreed that monumental statues, portraits and buildings serve as manners of remembrance and honor
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Inclusive school bathrooms are the next step

The notion of a transgender identity is not unheard of anymore. Though we struggle as a society to grasp the difference between biological sex and gender, the trans community has, in recent years, come into the spotlight. Because of this, we now have a more acute awareness of transgender identity,
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Portfolio: If words existed in youth

If words existed in youth   I would not say my skin looks gray Or that words ever fail me Through corridors and gnarled woods I recoil in an eldritch sun Saguaro shrieks as the pine sheds Needles in the dust.   We look ahead to messy beds Credit cards
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