David Bowie is dead, and I’m hunting for a job

David Bowie is dead, and Iā€™m hunting for a job. It makes sense that jobs are marks of the real world. They mean that you, to some extent at least, have decided to sacrifice time meant for your own personal growth ā€” emotionally or intellectually, artistically or philosophically ā€” for
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A foot in the past, an eye to the future

Early on during my yearlong study abroad in Bologna, Italy, I was struck by how similar it is to Berkeley. The language is different, the food is foreign and the streets recall nothing of Shattuck or Durant avenues, yet there exists a striking connection between these two cities laying 6,000
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Photo essay: The road to recovery

Most people are afraid of growing old. Subconsciously lingering in the minds of many is the fear of inevitable physical aches, pains, and especially the possibility of diminishing memory.
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Pulling out stitches

it’s only seven I’d like to touch you a little more- said the boy to the bed love said the vulture to the flesh said the sun-bleach to the rocks said the canyon to its eddies said the body to the wall – it’s only seven I’d like to touch
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The Weekender is a creative outlet for Berkeley stories of all kinds. We aim to curate reported features, profiles and commentary pieces on relevant issues and people in our community, transforming everyday stories into larger discussions about the forces that drive Berkeley. We also feature creative writing, poetry, personal essays,
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