The Finstagram

There is no shortage of rhetoric on the authenticity — or lack thereof — of social media. And no social media platform better reflects this claim than Instagram: an app in which image is quite literally everything. So what does the emergence of the cultural phenomenon of a “Finstagram” reveal
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At the end of the red brick road

“How was going home?” asked Shamaya Pellum, a college adviser in UC Berkeley’s College of Chemistry. I’d dropped into her office to do a quick degree check between classes. Her head of exuberant curls glowed in the afternoon light. I picked a teal-covered Ghirardelli chocolate off her desk; my fingers
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Collected poems from napkins and scraps of paper

XRated or Dead Week: take your pick (one hits faster)   I need to study! I need a buddy! Or TEN/Plus like ALL of MY FRIENDS!!! …in the same room. Listening to tunes. Tobacco spittoons! What’s time it’s like 2! Now 4! I’m opening the door! Chop to come down
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Notes from our journals

Jan. 1 – Mana It’s officially 2016 and a fresh beginning. Normally, the start of a new year would scare me, but it doesn’t anymore. Now it feels more exciting, as if I have so many opportunities and adventures coming my way. Jan. 2 – Mana I remember growing up with board games and
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Mental health on campus

This cartoon was created in reaction to the recent UC Campus Mental Health Evaluations by the UC Student Association. Read more about the mental health study here.


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