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Death before birth

By Kari Flickinger and Anonymous

Death before birth Kari Flickinger Down, from the Campanile, wind through a thread of barren, settled trees, mid-city, where knife fights at may, where lovers sway, unsettle one another, explore, babble, learn what respect and saliva, and battle lines are. They let free the monsters that grow in human soil.
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Some kind of final destination

By Summer Langton

When I was 13 years old, my mother lost a lifelong battle with depression, committing suicide in the bathtub of my childhood home in Southern California. She left behind my younger brother and me. I am telling you this  because of how similarly I felt during the time of my
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The media and Trump

By Frances Fitzgerald

On my run this evening, I almost got hit by a car. The driver lurched forward into the crosswalk, and we began to yell at each other, but the man’s windows were rolled up and I couldn’t hear him. All I could see was an angry white man saying something
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Rachael Garner/Senior Staff
Campus-goers gather on the balcony of UC Berkeley's Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union to watch as protestors gather across Sproul Plaza on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 in Berkeley, Calif. (Rachael Garner/Senior Staff)

Why is one human life worth more than another?

By Christopher Yee

Since Tuesday, I’ve faced the near-impossible challenge of telling my fiancé that we’ll be okay. She has no reason to believe me. I told her the exact same thing before the election, and it didn’t prove to be true. But it’s different now. We’re an interracial couple — I’m Chinese
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An American abroad

By Elizabeth Kurata

As one of a few Americans living in a small town in Japan, I’ve had to do a lot of explaining. Over the last three months I’ve lived here, I have fielded questions about the United States such as: “Are all the cheeseburgers huge?” and “Have you met Orlando Bloom?”
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Berkeley High School students wave a Mexican flag while chanting "not our president" in opposition of Donald Trump's election as US President on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 in Berkeley, Calif. (Rachael Garner/Senior Staff)

Four days in November

By Bree Cassells

November 8 In the morning I drive Jordan to school, just like any other Tuesday. But it isn’t just like any other Tuesday. There is so much hanging in the balance. I am so damn ready for this election to be over, even though I know deep down that no
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God’s away on business

By Dylan Heier-Ross

Berkeley November 9, 2016 We’ve walled out what we ought’ve walled in Within the city of the defeated, the air tastes like acid rain Night unending is come again A man walks dazed down the avenue, speaking in a loop: “Simon says, eat five hundred bowls of oatmeal Simon says
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UC Berkeley senior Tucker Pinochi protests Donald Trump's presidency Nov. 9.

A tale of two parties: Contending ideals and the death of the Left

By Nathan Magee

T he overwhelming dichotomy of American partisanship came to a head Tuesday, as two alarmingly disparate electorates eventually voted Donald J. Trump the president-elect of the United States. At a time when political discourse runs in one of either two veins — mainstream network liberalism or independent guerrilla conservatism —
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Rachael Garner/Senior Staff
Signs across campus asking students to "First accept, then Resist" were vandalized to convey "Do not accept, resist." Protests continued throughout campus on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 in Berkeley, Calif. (Rachael Garner/Senior Staff)

The loud and hateful backlash of white America

By Joshua Carlucci

When the news came, it hit me slowly. We watched. The numbers came in, trickling down. Then came the looking around the room. Eyes were wide — a worried wide, and if they could speak, they would’ve said “No,” or “Why?” On the screen, in a little box in the
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Rachael Garner/Senior Staff
A Berkeley High School student speaks to a crowd of BHS and UC Berkeley students in protest of Donald Trump's election as US President on Wednesday November 9, 2016 in Berkeley, Calif. (Rachael Garner/Senior Staff)

We are not OK

By Kelsi Krandel

It wasn’t until the fourth time I asked someone “How are you doing?” on Thursday that I realized I already knew the answer. On a typical day, the answer is always the same. If life is at least passable, we say “I’m good.” If life has kicked us hard where
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