Standing Strong

Authors’ Note: A recent Daily Cal article explored some of the context of this movement. This piece seeks to highlight voices from UC Berkeley and impacted communities concerning collective responsibility to stand in solidarity. Both authors are affiliated with various groups involved in this movement.   “We are water protectors, not
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The failure of Dr. Green Thumb

Two racks, five shelves and a small sea of green. A few LED lights shine down on the plants, reflecting a shade of green. I point my finger at the marijuana clone in the front, tucked behind the rack post. It has three leaves, a small stalk and leans to
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Back and Forth: Annie Goglia, Laughter Yoga

Editor’s Note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity. The central part of Annie Goglia’s everyday experience is laughter. To her, each laugh resembles water, rippling until two strangers are forever intertwined through a mere reverberation of sound waves. To her, each laugh is a story — a
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A grower and a customer hug at one of the most popular flower shops in the Market.

Photo essay: Marin County Farmers’ Market

B iting into a sun-warmed, ripe peach from the Marin County Farmers’ Market at age 6 is one of those memories for me — those visceral, all-consuming recollections — that makes me feel like no time has passed since my mom happily pulled me by the hand through the stalls.
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Living in a van

It may seem inconceivable to set up shop inside a soccer-mom chariot when you can afford more traditional accommodation. After talking to UC Berkeley seniors Parker Stow and Carter Keeling, a couple of “vanners,” it was soon made clear that their living situation was not a defining part of their
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A look into the senior art projects

Editor’s Note: These interviews have been edited for clarity and length. Theses are usually somber affairs —  a thick stack of papers to show for many hours of intellectual thought. But the senior art thesis presentations take a different form.  Amongst the cubes of cheese and bread nestled comfortably in
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After the gender and women’s studies major, two alumni

Despite the well-known analogy of the “Melting Pot,” the sheer vastness of land mass and stark contrast in political convictions that both characterize the United States has led to pockets of conservatism and liberalism. Never mingling or melting, but merely existing alongside one another, Americans coagulate into spheres of influence
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Photo inspired by “La Femme Fetal,” a sculpture created by former UC Berkeley student, Claire Astrow.

Birth control in the digital age

  We have sent robots to Mars, yet many people in the United States still lack the resources to plan their families. Benefits of family planning are far-reaching, including reducing pregnancy complications and infant mortality, advancing educational attainment and slowing population growth. Efforts to increase birth control accessibility have resulted
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Staff writer Cassie Ippaso reached out to several women's student organizations for anonymous submissions of real quotes from cis-men that perpetuated heteronormativity and patriarchy

“Grab ’em by the pussy,” a collection of quotes

  Misogyny is one of the world’s oldest prejudices. For what he has done or failed to do, President-elect Donald Trump has brought to the forefront of our minds the notion that this ubiquitous prejudice is felt on some level by every woman. To prove this reality, I reached out
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Short story: Flowers on the wall

  The two had grown up in a small suburban town, next to a beautiful grove lined with brick cottages. He left when the war broke out; they hadn’t seen each other for three years. But one day he stopped by her door and rang the bell. She opened the
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Student band Deluna performs

Deluna performs their song, “Sea Blue.” Their band consists of students Posey Feuer on vocals, Blake Knutson on guitar, Sam Zuckerman on drums, and Nic Eisenhauer on bass. Contact Dapree Doyle at [email protected]