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Music and marijuana: Telegraph’s Amoeba Records to open dispensary inside

By Robert Patrick Van Tooke

“We are not Wal-Mart.”’   Amoeba Records co-founder Marc Weinstein looks onward, upset by the comparison. Weinstein is at Berkeley City Council’s meeting with other co-founders Dave and Yvonne Prinz. The duo and their team are here to advocate for and defend Berkeley Compassionate Care Collective, their plan for a
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Notes from my journal: Classroom edition

By Andrew Kuznetzov

Notes taken from the classes: Ethnic Studies 159AC: The Southern Border ISF 100A: Introduction to Social Theory and Cultural Analysis History 100M: History of Political Islam Andrew Kuznetsov is a special contributor to the Weekender.

Isabelle Doerschlag /Staff

Nothing about us, without us

By Joshua Carlucci

“This school likes to pride itself on being the most accessible campus on earth, and that’s … it’s just not true.” Lisa Albertson is a transfer student at UC Berkeley but unlike most of her undergraduate peers, she has been a student on campus since the year 2009. She is
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Anna Rosen/Staff

Poetry: Earthly dissonance

By Hannah Lewis

When your words run dry, Like the parched Colorado, thirsting for Mexico, Fissured lips, seldom a drop to lust at; Bed’s empty. When all it finds are bones, and you yours Find me I’ll be here.   When babes bristle at your touch Estranged — the forest from its soil,
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