Fifty shades of consent: UC Berkeley’s Kink Club

Black leather, bondage, BDSM, Berkeley. What do these four B-words have in common? They’re all a part of the conversation that a group of undergraduate and graduate students endeavour to initiate among the members of UC Berkeley’s Kink Club. We’re all aware of the multitude of student organizations on campus.
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Kate's Piece WEEKENDER

Documenting distance: A profile on student Ashley Njoroge

In her native Kenya, Ashley Njoroge never experienced prejudice because of the color of her skin. It wasn’t until she arrived in Berkeley for undergraduate studies that she began to feel acutely aware of her Blackness. “I knew I was Black but it wasn’t something that I consciously thought about,”
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Philip McGough checks a ticket before carrying a deep dish pizza to one of his tables. He has worked at Zachary's Chicago Pizza for ten years.

Pieces of the pie: A look into Zachary’s Chicago Pizza

We live in a time where we can have anything and everything. Our pumpkin-spice-latte- smart-phone-filled desires are at our fingertips. But with consumerism comes consequences; as we make our purchases based on convenience, we turn a blind eye to the the exploitation occurring behind the closed doors of capitalism. Employees
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Logan's Prose WEEKENDER

Short story: Sleepwalking

I  can never remember my dreams, at least the ones I have when I’m asleep. I’ve been asleep for a week now, I think. I pull off my blanket and sidle down the stairs. The night air tells me to go back to bed with its icy chill, but I’m
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The United(ish) States of Berkeley

T he Fourth of July in Boston should have been a moment of overwhelming pride. Certainly, it was an exciting day. As a proud cornerstone of colonial American history, Boston takes Independence Day quite seriously. Thousands of people celebrated together on the banks of the Charles River, staring up at the
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Marlena's piece WEEKENDER

Just give it away

You see my name up there? Marlena Trafas. I now recommend you open a new browser, go to Facebook and type my name in. Take a gander at my photos. I recommend scrolling all the way back to my high school graduation, June 2013. Now scroll up through the years.
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