Weekender Ericka

The Berkeley Beyhive: Interpreting Beyonce

According to Beyoncé, I slay. This was a much-needed reminder, courtesy of her performance of “Formation” at Levi’s Stadium in her September Santa Clara stop of “The Formation World Tour.” A tumultuous start to the semester had left me feeling disoriented and a bit reckless. But rocking my metaphorical Givenchy
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Beyond the hijab: Narratives of Muslim women on campus

Injustice doesn’t always take the form of hate crimes on a national or international level. It surfaces daily as illiteracy, insensitivity and indifference to narratives on a campus that champions its diverse and politically engaged student body. The generalized and misinformed perceptions of Muslim women speak volumes to the way
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Hooked: Examining the rise of an app

Every new generation of college students brings with it its own new trending apps. We saw the rise and fall of Yik Yak and Whatsgoodly. Dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble continue to dominate the college dating scene. Now, food and drink app Hooked seems to be making its
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Back and Forth: Director of Youth Spirit Artworks

Leading up to the 2016 general election, homelessness alleviation has been a major platform for almost every Berkeley candidate. Berkeley community members have taken it upon themselves to find unique ways to empower and systematically improve the lives on the city’s low-income and homeless population. Youth Spirit Artworks provides training
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