Documenting distance: A profile on student Kiro Khalil

Documenting Distance Part I of II: Brief reflections on finding and maintaining home almost 7,500 miles away   I ask Kiro Khalil what comes to mind when he hears the word “home.” He tells me “Egypt” in an instant — but, after a brief pause, adds an addendum. “I picked
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Personal essay: Food in the nude

You’re sitting in a room. It’s dark, and the only source of light is coming from the candle whose wax you’re absentmindedly dipping your finger into. The air is warm and you’re surrounded by bamboo. In front of you is a large wooden bowl with various incarnations of what can
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Does Burning Man work?

Dragging myself out of the Nevada desert after a week of aimless exploration at Burning Man, I hungered for a receptacle for my reflections. I was confident clicking through a few reviews and photo essays would make sense of my mystical, dust-filled dreams. I was surprised to find, though, that
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Freedom of Speech: A Legacy or a Trap?

Winter in Berkeley. The trees lining Sproul Plaza are sparse, their bare limbs spreading out over the throngs of students and faculty members below, their fallen leaves lining the campus floor in a diverse array of color and texture reflective of the chaotic bustle. Winter on Sproul is filled with
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Personal essay: Bloom where you are planted

This place doesn’t come with utilities? Rent only includes garbage collection? I might as well take the garbage out myself. There’s not even a shower door and this is supposedly the “nice” remodeled unit. Plus, it’s small — but everything is going to be small when you are living with
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Consideration: A poem

My words are coated with Cool river water, Not because that is all I know Or have, But because I can.   I scoop up some of the Soothing liquid, Dab a drop onto every syllable That springs forth from between my lips, Hiding scarlet blisters that threaten to burst
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