By students, for students: Spotlighting the class gifts on campus

From that one iron-oxide-green drinking fountain we see after stumbling out of the wrong end of Dwinelle Hall to the stairs we climb every day when hurrying to class in VLSB to our most recognizable campus(nile) installations, UC Berkeley’s alumni classes have contributed to many aspects that, be they in obscurity, notoriety or majesty, make their mark upon the campus.
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An open letter to my future employer

I won’t tell you the same things you’ve probably heard a hundred times from potential candidates. Saying “I’m a hardworking people-person who is a fast learner with an acute attention to detail” might be a bit cliché.
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Oct. 29: Editors’ note

As we reach the end of October, the Weekender decided to focus on a few pieces related to seniors and Halloween. Check back in next week with the Weekender for more long-form pieces about birth control and student athletes.
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