The art of losing

We are always lost after losing. I, like anyone else after a loss, always try to busy my mind with fickle passions and existential questions.
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Otherworldly beings: A short story

As of late, there exist two obstacles that prevent my getting a good night of sleep. First, I applaud the entity who engages my mind such that memory lane is a trip never forsaken. Revisiting cringeworthy moments in the dark of the night is an addictive pastime of mine.
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The end: A poem

It’s a peculiar, particular feeling to miss a moment before it’s over. I’m smiling when he looks back. The tears drain me, and I walk home empty.
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Inktober 2017: Notes from my sketchbook

Art can be found in unlikely places. In the seeds of a strawberry to the hands of a clock, in the folds of fabric and the people that surround us. On this first day of “Inktober”, see what inspires the staff of the Daily Cal Design department.
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