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Time to face the waste: What UC Berkeley and local organizations are doing to minimize landfill waste

By Kristen Hull

Standing three or more in a row, one of the most familiar sights across the UC Berkeley campus is, in fact, its trash cans. Many of the waste bins, marked according to specified material, sport the phrase “Zero Waste by 2020,” calling on students, faculty and visitors alike to do their part in the campuswide project to promote sustainability.
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The magic of “The Handmaid’s Tale:” Getting incoming students on the same page through literature

By Alex Jiménez

Atwood herself graced the campus with her presence and a keynote address entitled “The Handmaid’s Tale Escapes From Its Book” that was equal parts witty and genuine. The event was free to all students with a school ID, and leftover tickets were distributed — again, free of charge — to members of the general public.
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