WISE up: My experience with the Women in STEM movement

These are monumental steps toward gender equality in STEM fields, and I, as a female engineer, am proud of how far gender equality has come — but at the same time, I, as an engineer alone, have struggled a lot with having my experiences ignored because I’m labeled as a female, as one within the minority.
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senator henry stern

‘The insistence of innovation:’ California state Sen. Henry Stern on his experiences at Berkeley Law and his impression of campus politics

The Bridge - A series of interviews linking students to remarkable figures of UC Berkeley and the Bay Area.

Sen. Stern explains that what ultimately drew him to Berkeley Law was the real, critical work being done on the campus and the rich variety of ways he could engage with chief issues of the time. In his own words, “the power of (UC Berkeley) is the breadth.”
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telegraph avenue

Tony B. Conscious: Where art meets activism

Set on the corner of Telegraph and Durant avenues, his art sprawls all over the pavement, the colors vibrant against the otherwise bleak, gray sidewalk. Mondays through Fridays, he can be found displaying his pieces while shamelessly dancing to the music blasting from his van, greeting students with his own freestyle rhymes.
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