Comedy in the age of political volatility

In defense of Hasan Minhaj and comedic news commentary

My first interaction with mainstream news was sitting by the TV with my dad, watching a group of unruly adults yell at each other about the latest “breaking news!” headline in the world. The news produced by media giants was fed to me as a beacon of credibility. This was
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Salt is a f(x) of water plus Luna: A personal essay

Content warning: The following piece includes mentions of a near-death experience. A wave of emotion seeks to engulf my being.   As I seek to subdue this particular wave, my sister chooses to play a song covered by a singer we’d both admired in our teenage years. 루나 (Luna), the
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Fig Season: A short story

July. The doctor finds a tumor. Sylvia finds the first ripe fig of the season. October. Her father is dead. Sylvia is holding a wicker basket of sweet figs between her thighs, sweating and sitting cross-legged on her tiled kitchen floor. She is smoking with her right hand, plucking figs
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I Sea: A poem

Flow ocean — Wash away the shards of glass in my eyes And take with you the garnet currents gurgling out of my soul. So that I can finally find solace in slumber Without seeing his face looking back at me Me Me Who pushes past men and women dressed
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Editors’ Note: March 29

This week’s spring break swept the majority of UC Berkeley’s student population out of town, but Weekender writers still had much to say about the state of artistic and cultural trends in the Bay Area and beyond. Staff writer Nelly Lin charts the growing relevance and prevalence in the United
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