Inland: A poem

We do not have skyscrapers looming over us like gods to worship,
nor the persistent honk and vroom of cluttered morning traffic,
a cacophony of people in a rush to get somewhere and do something
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flower petals

Unlearn: A poem

Why, when I was young,

I did not understand

the mercy of

never knowing.

Because once you know,

and commit knowledge to your skin,

how hard it is to wash off,

to unremember.
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Editors’ Note: Nov 30

In this week’s issue of the Weekender, staff writers were asked to reflect on their past, considering the question, if you had the opportunity to go back in time and do something differently, what would it be, and why? In a lighthearted personal essay, staff writer Alec Newcomb recounts a
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On Charlie Brown, seasonal stress and facing the holiday blues

…this final remark speaks to the broader message of the film, acknowledging and validating feelings of disillusionment surrounding the holidays. Instead of simply trying to cope with failure during the holiday season when Charlie Brown is confronted with it again and again, he eventually just owns it.
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