Banishing Buzzwords

The other day, I found myself at an information session for Ernst and Young, a “professional services” firm. Walking in, I had no idea what that meant. An hour and a half later, I still didn’t. Somewhere between “enterprise intelligence” and “risk appetite,” I realized that the presenter’s words were
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Plenty of fish in the sea

A few weeks ago, I took the girlfriend to Mexico for our anniversary. Get some sun, lie on the beach, maybe drink a little, you know. I was expecting it to be a nice time. So we’re sitting on the beach, sipping on some margaritas, things going great. Then she
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Weekender Picks

1. GIRLS star Jemima Kirke will show a collection of her paintings at the Fouladi Projects in San Francisco, opening March 21. Her work has been described as “imbued with real pathos.” Learn more here. 2. March 22 is National Corn Dog Day, the celebration of a classic American culinary
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What We’re Reading

Get out your index cards. The Oxford English Dictionary officially added a number of new words this month, including “cuntish,” “demotivated,” and “do-over.” See the full list here. — Curan Mehra George Packer came to campus Wednesday night, giving a lecture about his 2013 book, “The Unwinding: An Inner History of
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Living in the boonies

Here’s a situation that happens to me not irregularly. (conversation turns to housing) “Where do you live?” “Cedar and Milvia,” I say. “Where’s that?” “You know where Cheese Board is?” “What? How do you live that far away?” And so on. I’m well aware there are people who live even
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ritual roasters feature

An epic roast

Meg Elison explores the world of $12 espressos and Baristas from Ritual Coffee

It’s my first time at Ritual Roasters in San Francisco, and it’s time to pretend I drink black coffee. Before I meet the crew, before I see the space, I am told I must drink. A gorgeous golden-brown cup is poured out of a tall French press, and I am
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The employability myth of the humanities

If you’re looking for the single biggest advantage in the youth job market, the answer is actually pretty simple, and it has nothing to do with which box you check on a major declaration form. To put it bluntly: If you want to get a job, go to college and major in whatever suits you best.
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Living with scars

A personal essay

Memorial Glade. It’s Friday afternoon, and the sun is shining. Your paper is turned in and you probably have something else to do but won’t think about it until Sunday. You lie down on the beautiful, well-groomed lawn, closing your eyes for a moment. The soft grass reminds you of
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Faculty in conversation

Malo Hutson is an assistant professor in the department of city and regional planning at UC Berkeley. Why do you teach? I teach because of the incredible students here at Cal. What are some ways students can get involved in the Oakland and Berkeley communities and experience East Bay culture?
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An evening at the faculty club

The Faculty Club is an architectural gem nestled between Hertz Hall and Strawberry Creek. The initial building was designed by famed architect Bernard Maybeck in the late 1800s, and since then, it has been added onto and revised into a composite of several buildings that provide a space for conversation
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