Caragh McErlean/Senior Staff


By Olivia Staser

I miss being happy But was I ever? I can’t remember Though I try to — I really do — I’ll ask you  — But oh, you wouldn’t know if I smiled so: Was it ever real Did I ever feel Happy ? Not just flashes of joy that smashes
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Olivia Staser/Staff

First Kiss

By Chantelle Lee

he digs his talons into my shoulders, carving crimson crescents into my skin. he plunges inside without invitation (why would he need one?) probing every crevice groping every patch of flesh. but i let him stab his tongue wherever he pleases i let him consume me, just like he devoured
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Ruby Chen/Staff

Let’s talk: A call for open-mindedness

By Erika Siao

Friends back home roll their eyes when I say that after a semester here, I became vegetarian, joined Amnesty International and picked up an Ethics concentration in my major. But contrary to popular belief, I have not become a violent anti-fascist, a member of the socialist party or a dissenter of free speech.
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