Out of the box: A personal essay

I am challenged daily by a world where it is popular to hate. A world where people define themselves in opposition to others. A world where people with different ideas are segregated and put into labeled categories, designed to never mix with one another.
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clock face

Nostalgia: A poem

The tender return acts as an escape from the chaos of now.

Grabbing at all we can keep, we are greedy for time. For what we had,

clutching it in our ironclad grip of longing until

it trickles through our hands
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dark emotions

Reverse: A poem

I sit.

And I watch as life runs in reverse.

I watch pills crawl back up throats

Back onto the tongues and off of the black gums of junkies

Like a symphony, a firing line one after another from the lips of the damned

Clattering, no, splattering, onto the floor after one more failed attempt.
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One more flight: A short story

From her seat on the plane, Anne looked out of the small window, down at the airport getting smaller and smaller below her. The bright lights of Manila would eventually fade into the night, but that wasn’t what she would miss most.
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paper crane

Epitaph: A poem

We clutch our skin, reach for hope from our ankles,

We close our eyes, pray for water, pray for answers,

We keep our fear in a silent place — we run.
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magic on UC Berkeley campus

Spellbound: A short story

Your friends, your family, they don’t understand it when they visit. When they step into the city for a day or indulge in the nightlife for a while, the magic doesn’t rub off on them. But you, with hours and days that turn into months and years under your belt,
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chopping potatoes

Photo Essay: Providing what the university won’t

A look inside the food provided by the Berkeley Student Cooperative

Food insecurity is prevalent across the UC system. According to the 2016 Student Food Access and Security Study, 42 percent of respondents indicated they had “very low” or “low” food security, using the USDA’s definition of the term. High-quality, nutritious food has become a privilege that many literally cannot afford.
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