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Beauty/Pain: A poem

In beauty, there is pain, though you can’t always see, The cost of this face, these hands are not free, Beneath the ballet slippers are broken toes, Behind closed doors are broken bones
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The everyday and the extraordinary: A short story

Sitting in front of a computer screen in my small bedroom, I don’t feel like I have anything extraordinary to say. I’m an 18-year-old student living in an ordinary city, just as average and insignificant as the next person. Sometimes, I lay in bed at night, pondering my predicament. I’ll
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Plastic flowers: A poem

I like flowers and sunshine and sweet satin dresses, I like blue skies and ocean tides and the seashore it blesses. Poetics of summertime fill sweet in my chest Of hilltops and valleys and blooms which they dressed, And I’m wondering now if these words do sound Like a collection
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bay bridge after dark

City of stars: A poem

The city of stars shines for no one.   It is not the place for you to chase your dreams, nor is it the place your dreams go to die. It is not your saving grace, but it is also not the cause of your downfall.   The people of
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