Nowhere: A short story

The writer sat at her desk producing a story for her publisher. As the letters filled the void on the screen in front of her, she began to notice the sound of the fish tank from behind her. She found its bubbling particularly incessant and chaotic for an aquatic terrarium.
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To name a lily

Evolutions of my name and identity in the wake of the Armenian diaspora

My mother named me after her favorite flower, the lily. Hoping to blend the English word with an Armenian pronunciation, she invented a new name, “Lillian” (pronounced “lee-lee-yan”), an innovative manner of bridging together the two languages to create something new.
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san andreas: A poem

Tonight is a beautiful night to open old wounds. Re-examine the scars that have long since healed — barely visible, but still there, old haunts. They permeate like fault lines, quiet and unassuming until they’re not. Until one wrong move, one shift of the tectonic plates deep inside you, shakes
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The Center of Everywhere: A personal essay

In January 2008 my family moved from Fort Worth, Texas, to Lancaster, California. My dad had gotten a new job, and my little brother and I—at the ripe ages of seven and nine—were in anguish. Our lives were over. We cried a lot, both before and after the move. We
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Pick your eyeball off your shoe: A poem

Once there was a blockade between time and other time/
real time, it seemed did not mean anything at all/
the experience of now was an accumulation of sensory input/
the people on the street as malleable as apparitions
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Play it proud: A personal essay

“All Asians play piano.” It’s a pretty common phrase now, and it rings true for so many — including me. I don’t know exactly why or how our parents magically came up with the same idea at the same time to have their kids take music lessons, and specifically piano lessons, from an early age.
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