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Godly Positioning System

A man is driving to a dinner party and he gets to an intersection and he doesn’t know which path to take, so he looks down at his navigation device. Except the device recently discovered religion and has since been kind of preachy. “Recalculate route,” says the driver. “Don’t follow
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fucking in japan

The Kids in Japan Don’t Fuck Anymore.

I read online that the kids in Japan don’t fuck anymore a sign of the times virtual porn, anime, robots, but skin to skin touch is feared almost as much as intimacy.   Here lies the intricacy that fearing to fuck grew from fearing the touch of your mother’s hand
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Kinky Pinky

“Baker Hughes, a manufacturer of equipment used in hydraulic fracturing, has painted 1,000 of its drill bits breast-cancer pink (the usual color is gold) and also donated $100,000 to Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, a leading breast-cancer charity.” — Los Angeles Times   They painted my tip pink.
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What’s in your lunch?

The holy grail of crafty scheduling: a midday gap. Between classes, study sessions and the obligations of daily life, a quick respite is necessary and satisfying. One of the more popular venues for afternoon breaks, Memorial Glade is a temporary home for nap-takers, restless scholars and lunch-eaters. This project examines
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A Guide to Modern Dating

I’m not saying I’m an expert on love, but I have had the sex at least once, give or take. So it’s not surprising that my friends are always pestering me, “How’d you even do that?” Until now, I’ve kept my techniques a secret. But because it can get awfully
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The trails are alive

One silent bird drifted seamlessly off into the distance as the fog crystallized into the morning sky. I felt something small open up as if I just found the key to my antique chest, and my heart and lungs and capillaries softly smiled at the world. I had made it
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Definition: yo͞oˈnēk

I’m aware with every grain of my being. Every movement, every gesture, statement, idea brings us only to another complex and interesting thing. “How’s your transition going?” “Good! But the weather confuses me.” “Oh, really? How?” “Well, sometimes it rains but I’s nah cold.” I am aware as I step
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Love Don’t Cost a Thing

They met on a sticky September day in Wheeler Hall. He was streaming House of Cards on his computer. She was adding a selfie to her Snapchat story. Heat emanated as the air of an unfinished question lingered between them. The question was, “Is Air Bears down?” The answer was yes.
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Notes from my journal: Seasons of Selfhood

When I was about 8 years old, I realized I sucked at writing and promptly abandoned my dream of becoming a poet. But for someone who perpetually promises to never write down any of her stupid thoughts, I sure have a lot of pocket-sized notebooks.
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