dark emotions
Katherine Qiu/Staff

Reverse: A poem

By Olivia Staser

I sit.

And I watch as life runs in reverse.

I watch pills crawl back up throats

Back onto the tongues and off of the black gums of junkies

Like a symphony, a firing line one after another from the lips of the damned

Clattering, no, splattering, onto the floor after one more failed attempt.
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magic on UC Berkeley campus
Katherine Qiu/Staff

Spellbound: A short story

By Sean Tseng

Your friends, your family, they don’t understand it when they visit. When they step into the city for a day or indulge in the nightlife for a while, the magic doesn’t rub off on them. But you, with hours and days that turn into months and years under your belt,
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chopping potatoes
An assistant cook chopping a beautiful sweet potato. Bigger houses have "head" chefs and assistant chefs. Of the total 5 hours/week of work shift, 3 can be fulfilled by being an assistant cook. It's a great way to learn how to cook, plus you get to serve yourself first. Being a head cook completes all your work shift for the week!

Photo Essay: Providing what the university won’t

A look inside the food provided by the Berkeley Student Cooperative

By Ruby Sapia

Food insecurity is prevalent across the UC system. According to the 2016 Student Food Access and Security Study, 42 percent of respondents indicated they had “very low” or “low” food security, using the USDA’s definition of the term. High-quality, nutritious food has become a privilege that many literally cannot afford.
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