On the growth of trees: A personal essay

I remember days that were particularly painful to begin, when I would shove my book bag under the bed and crawl into my closet as soon as that 5:30 a.m. alarm rang, just in case my parents peeked in through the door to see if I had left for school.
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Inland: A poem

We do not have skyscrapers looming over us like gods to worship,
nor the persistent honk and vroom of cluttered morning traffic,
a cacophony of people in a rush to get somewhere and do something
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flower petals

Unlearn: A poem

Why, when I was young,

I did not understand

the mercy of

never knowing.

Because once you know,

and commit knowledge to your skin,

how hard it is to wash off,

to unremember.
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Just in time: A personal essay

I am obsessed with time. The ticking of the clock is constantly in my ear, and I am always racing, always behind, fighting to fill up each moment with contributions and accomplishments and meaning.
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My father’s love: A poem

but these are just:


words on a page,

attempts at describing the indescribable.

they don’t drip with the constant gratitude i feel,

or encompass that he is the kind of father everyone deserves.

they don’t speak of all the lessons he has taught me,

or reflect that i am who i am because of him.
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