Not-so-dead-week: Naked Run fall 2014 [NSFW]

Know what two things go together perfectly? Studying and nudity. We know how studying apparently makes all of us Golden Bears feel sexually repressed, according to our Yik Yaks. So it’s a good thing that on Thursday, we had the opportunity to either participate in or witness the greatness that
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2014: Year in Review

As the winter holiday approaches and many of us give Berkeley our (temporary) goodbyes, spring semester might feel like it happened a lifetime ago. So for those of us who have gotten swept up in the last few months’ current events, here’s a look back at the most memorable headlines of 2014.
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Meg Elison newest mug_MDrummond

Our ambivalence: Voting both ways

Elections 2014

I dress up, usually in some subtle combination of campaign-trail colors. I pick a blue-and-white dress and wear red jewelry. I pick a red dress with a blue belt. I am a dork all the way; I update Facebook to gloat about voting, and I Instagram my sticker on the way out.
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Finding reasons to be hopeful

In the spring of sophomore year, I failed one of the first engineering classes I ever took and came close to not passing a few others. I began to doubt that I was cut out for the academic rigor of this university. I remember telling my roommate at the time
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Cal Day 2014 in Photos

Saturday April 12 marked Cal Day 2014, a day the campus is filled with hundreds of students, incoming freshmen, parents and visitors all celebrating Berkeley. Sproul Plaza was packed with informational tables from many campus groups and majors. The day was full of activities such as tours, speakers, performances from a
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The stages of applying for summer internships

As the spring semester winds down, all college students need to think about their summer plans. Some decide to take summer classes, others want to travel all over the world, many will get a job to make money and the rest of us have to apply for internships. To do
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