Week 4-13

Street Style: High fashion

Hundreds showed up at Memorial Glade on Monday afternoon to spark up conversations with friends and to share good vibes. Students were wearing everything under the sun, from tie-dye and crazy costumes to cool, unique articles of clothing like kimonos, cacti socks and jellyfish-patterned button-downs. Gloria Sukamto Gloria is elegantly composed
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Easter vs. 4/20

Venn Diagram: Easter vs 4/20

With Easter and 4/20 falling on the same day this year, things can certainly get a bit hazy. So, we offer up this convenient little Venn diagram in the hope that it will help you distinguish between the two.   Curan Mehra is the editor of the Weekender. Contact him at
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Muir Woods National Park

Weekender Picks

1. Midterm season got you down? Burned out by the quickly approaching end of the semester? If you’re looking to take a break from Berkeley and civilization in general, Yosemite and Muir Woods National Parks are participating in the National Parks Service’s free entrance day weekend. With reduced (and some
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Lift the ban on e-cigarettes

CAMPUS ISSUES: The incoming ban on consuming tobacco products on campus goes too far by banning e-cigarettes, which are far less harmful.

For decades, American society has been moving toward a complete ban on smoking tobacco. Since about the mid-20th century, when scientific studies revealing the drug’s devastating effects on the human body were made public, public policy and social attitudes have shifted more and more against tobacco. This is a good
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UCSC outdoes Cal on 4/20

When you were accepted to Cal, the first thing everyone said ― hopefully after “congratulations!” ― was something like, “Oh, you want to become a pot-smoking hippie?” Not everyone asked you that, but we bet there was at least one family member or friend who heard the name “Berkeley” and
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Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 6.12.22 PM

The Antlers perform on campus on 4/20

The Brooklyn based indie rock band The Antlers performed on the steps of Doe Library for hundreds of people relaxing on Memorial Glade on Saturday evening. The show was organized by SUPERB Productions.


The Beserkeley High

Today is a day of celebration for families to acquaint themselves with our magnificent campus and also for Berkeley stoners to celebrate, well, being stoners.
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Something in the air

There’s something permeating the crisp Berkeley air this weekend that’s tainting the entire experience. It smells vaguely familiar, like something your own dorm room might have smelled like 20, 30 years ago …
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