Getting around Berkeley

Commuting Although perfect for grocery shopping, owning a car in Berkeley can be a hassle when dealing with traffic and parking. Student campus permits can run up to $327 per semester, and if you’re lucky enough to score street parking, watch out for the city’s parking enforcement officers, as they
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Overlooking Anza

Travel Tuesday: Berkeley’s unlikely oasis

It was during one of those sweltering September heat waves that the Clog discovered the magic of Lake Anza. You know, those scorching weeks that make you doubt everything you’ve learned about Berkeley? Like, if the specific heat of water is so high, why isn’t the bay cooling you down?
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Berkeley Amtrak

What you should know about Amtrak

Many Cal students fly home for vacation. Others live close enough to Berkeley that they can have someone drive them home. But there are some students who live somewhere in between. Amtrak looks like the perfect transportation if you have to travel but don’t have to travel too far. However,
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Evan Walbridge/File

Voting on keeping the Class Pass

Have you ever wondered what it is the student government actually does to affect you? They have a huge election and loads of clubs have signs with little “ASUC-sponsored” signatures on their event posters. But other than that, the student government’s fancy-sounding meetings seem like a mystery. Well, one answer
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5 foolproof ways to get fit for spring

With spring a little more than a month away, many are working hard to burn off the winter pounds and recover those stone-hard abs. For those of you who hate exercise but love looking hot, the Clog has prepared this list of ways to force yourself to get out and
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The AC Transit bully


AC Transit must descend from its throne of supposed magnanimity and give UC Berkeley students the deal they deserve. Because the AC Transit Class Pass will most likely reappear on the spring 2013 ASUC ballot, ASUC President Connor Landgraf should continue his efforts in meeting and negotiating with the organization
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