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What’s a typical ‘UC Berkeley’ line?

If you’ve been on Facebook in the past week, you know the post. Everyone seems to be asking “whats a typical (insert name here) line?” So we thought we’d do one for UC Berkeley. So, what’s a typical “Berkeley” line? 1. Let’s go get Asian Ghetto. Oh, damn I don’t have
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I <3 In-N-Out Burger

Guide to getting to campus’s closest fast food

Berkeley is known for having some of the best food venues in the Bay, there’s no question there. But, if you’ve grown up under the wing of corporate America, sometimes the only thing you miss is a nice and greasy meal from your favorite fast food chain. Here at the Clog,
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Berkeley summer picnic spots

As we enter into the heat of summer, chances are your summer funds are running a little low. Too many dinners out, some new tank top splurges and a couple weekend getaways can all lead you to being virtually broke. To save some money and transportation costs, why not take
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We miss you, Berkeley

We at the Clog have been daydreaming about returning to Berkeley since the day we left for summer vacation and compiled a list of the things we miss most about it.
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Five kinds of people you see on the bus

If you’re not lame enough to walk to class, hipster enough to have a bike, SoCal enough to skateboard or rich enough to have a hover board, odds are you take the good ol’ 51B. We at the Clog have spent our fair share of time on both 51s, 49s and the
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Public transportation promises

Last semester’s bus pass expired Tuesday, which means that there’s a heightened sense of urgency around going to the Cal 1 Card office and getting your Class Pass. Once you have a bus pass, it seems as though the places you can go are endless. The Bay Area becomes easily
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