Take a study break with these dead week events

UC Berkeley students tend to shut down during dead week. They retreat to the library, where the blinding fluorescent lights replace natural sunlight and the only distraction from their studies is to refill their reusable water bottles and use the restrooms. Consumed by stress, students forget that a plethora of
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Why it’s too early to study for finals

Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving break wasn’t much of a break. Many of us UC Berkeley students preoccupied ourselves with thoughts of imminent exams, projects and presentations that awaited us the minute we returned back to campus. Though we enjoyed the non-mealpoint purchased foods and quality time with friends and family,
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Week 4-28

Things to do this week

Are you bored? We’re bored. Very bored. Very, very bored. Bored like a plank of wood. Bored like a hole made with a revolving tool. Everyone’s in the library. We hate libraries. Everyone’s on a computer. Gosh, put ’em away. What a quiet week this is; there must be something we
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