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The dopest kids

Look Back At It

My friend Raleigh is a self-proclaimed hedonist. “I’m so young,” he said, setting his joint on a small coffee table littered with the beer cans that a gallant bachant had crushed a few hours earlier. “I want to soak everything out of my experience as a young person.” “Everything” has
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Video: Using drugs as a study tool

“Berkeley is hard. Sometimes you need something extra to help you out,” said Willa Peng, a sophomore majoring in political economy.  With exam season upon us, words like Adderall are commonly heard around campus. The meaning of the word “drug” during dead week and finals week is no longer limited to
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Literally, I’m so not exaggerating!

The Clog has much respect for the English language and grammar. However, it never fails to amuse us when the use of certain words become really unnecessary hyperboles, so natural that the words’ definitions start morphing to mean the complete opposite. An example would be the word “literally.” BuzzFeed brought
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Study drugs: magic or medicine?

We’ve all heard of the so-called epidemic of “study drug” abuse in this country. A black market of these pharmaceuticals, used illegally by individuals chasing higher test scores or just a recreational high, has made its way into educational and professional institutions alike.
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