A tale of two Berkeleys

This column has to be prefaced with a small disclosure. I know the byline up there says that my name is Sakura Cannestra, but Sakura is my middle name, not my first name. My first and legal name is Berkeley, Berkeley Sakura Cannestra. When people are asking why I was
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Berkeley Dorms

Residence hall life hacks

Welcome to UC Berkeley, a place that will gift you with football games full of school spirit, friends that are some of the best people you will ever meet, undue stress and all nighters and Renaissance architecture. The next four years of your life will be a whirlwind of fun,
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Christina Fossum/File

Why we love UC Berkeley

The moment you opened up your portals in nervous anticipation and read the words, “Congratulations and Welcome to the University of California at Berkeley,” your life changed in ways you couldn’t imagine. College life at UC Berkeley is inexplicable and has to be experienced for it to be comprehensible. For one thing,
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Weird questions to ask your campus tour guide

As we get farther into admissions season, it’s going to be more and more common for us to see prospective students and their parents traversing campus with a solitary, blue and gold striped tour guide at the head of the pack. These bi-colored paragons of leadership must be sick and tired
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