Cost-cutting programs could save millions more than initially estimated

If all pending and approved projects of a controversial UC Berkeley cost-cutting initiative meet their projected savings, the campus could save millions more than originally estimated. The Operational Excellence initiative — which began in 2009 as an effort to combat budget cuts by decreasing administrative costs — has saved the
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Microsoft software to be available free to students

Beginning Jan. 9, UC Berkeley students will be able to download Microsoft Office and operating system software for free, student and campus officials announced in a campuswide email Tuesday. The free software to students comes as the result of a license agreement arranged through the campus cost-cutting Operational Excellence initiative’s
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The price of a free lunch

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. You’re a high school senior sitting in economics class with just about anything but markets on your mind. Indeed, your malignant case of senioritis has infected your brain to the extent that it contains little more than cravings to graduate, schemes to get
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A dubious investment

A UC Berkeley initiative’s $500,000 plan to provide free Adobe software is questionable as to why it was devised.

Photoshop amateurs and creative designers alike may light up to hear that a UC Berkeley project is doling out $500,000 for students to have free Adobe software, but the news also generates questions, skepticism and confusion — why Adobe, why the expense and how will this serve as a sustainable
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Adobe products in the Cal student store.

Free Adobe software pilot program to cost campus $500,000

This fall, UC Berkeley will begin a year-long program for students that will allow them to download Adobe software packages for free as part of an agreement with the company that will cost the campus about $500,000. Beginning Sept. 6, students will be able to download the Adobe Creative Suite
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