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Daring to drive toward independence

Off the Beat

My dad has always told me growing up, “Only worry about what you can control.” I don’t have a car to control anymore. And I sure can’t control the world around me right now. All I can control is myself.
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Bear near Doe Library

Lies we’re told as UC Berkeley students

Fresh-faced and free-spirited, we passed under the vast and profound Sather Gate for the first time, much as young children walk into their first day of “big kid school.” The possibilities for our lives expanded and flashed in our mind’s eye, causing our hands to tremble and our cheeks to flush. That
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Off the beat: The Cat Fancy conundrum

I’m going to make this about myself for a hot minute if that’s alright. This is what columns are for anyhow — deluding oneself that you’re significant enough to publish many sentences that begin with the word “I.” So, here I go. I’ve been watching a lot of those “Oscar
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Michelle Robertson mug

Piercing the way to maturity

I got my belly button pierced in a fit of quasi-teenage rebellion on my 18th birthday. Most people allow having a needle jabbed through their abdomens to look cool, to have an excuse to show off their abs or to join the exclusive cult of the navel-pierced. But for me,
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