Whatever I Want

When I was seven I wanted to be a candy-maker. What better way to spend your days than making fudge, pulling taffy and eating every candy in sight? As soon as I learned that candy-makers cannot eat all their candy, my ambitions changed.
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Drop it like it’s hot

Love Letter to Nobody in Particular

Dear Once Bitten, Twice Shy, Albert Einstein described insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And while Albert is far less intelligent than I am, I’ll have to agree with him on this one. In the realm of romance, in which Al presumably
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How to sneak through a protest

We’re all familiar with protests here at UC Berkeley, and many many of us have even been involved in them. Protests may cause congestion on campus, though, which doesn’t bode well for straggling students struggling to get to class on time. Luckily, there are some effective techniques for sneaking around protests
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What to pack for Thanksgiving break

It’s always hard to know what exactly to pack for your short trip back home (or wherever you’re headed) for Thanksgiving break. Do you pack clothes for the weekend, or do you rely on the remnants of whatever you have in your closet back home? Do you bring back books,
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Thanksgiving dinner for 1

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we find ourselves alone on family-based holidays like Thanksgiving. Maybe you aren’t American or Canadian so you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Maybe you’re an EECS major, and holidays don’t exist anymore. Maybe your family forgot about you. We don’t know why you’re alone on Thanksgiving, but
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Alice Langford/File

Where to take your date to really impress them

Congratulations, you have a date! Be warned, however: Berkeley goggles won’t keep your date from noticing if you plan a half-assed outing. The Clog has your back. Our top romance experts brainstormed a list of unique and charming date ideas for your next fall outing. The Big C Nothing says
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What to do if your candidate didn’t win

So election results are in, and the candidate you wanted to win didn’t win. You’re sitting in sad silence in your residence hall, unsure of what to do. Cry, sob, laugh hysterically, take a long trip around the world? Eat every possible burrito at the Golden Bear Cafe while at
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