Dirks on a path to success

CAMPUS ISSUES: Chancellor Nicholas Dirks has proven through his fireside chats and public remarks that he cares about student needs

Since taking office June 1, UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks has begun to tackle many of the challenges facing our campus. From his listening sessions with students to his bold remarks recently to the Washington Post on Obama’s education plan, Dirks is on track to have accomplished a significant amount
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Making college affordable

HIGHER EDUCATION: President Obama's higher education plan offers solutions to important issues affecting students but misses the big picture

It is common knowledge that American higher education is need of repair. Recognizing the immediacy of the issue, President Barack Obama laid out a plan last week that aims to create a system of affordability ratings for colleges nationwide. The announcement is a positive development, in spite of some serious
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California should give a shit

Off the Beat

I fucking hate opinions. That is not to say that I hate other people’s opinions. I just always avoided giving mine. I attribute it to being the youngest of three brothers with a vocal father — to avoid fights I became a natural listener. I just never felt confident or
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