Cal softball coach Diane Ninemire has guided the Bears to 26 straight postseason appearances and the Women's College World Series title in 2002.

The Sky Above, the Field Below

Cal softball coach Diane Ninemire was Donna Terry's assistant coach for five seasons in Berkeley. But in 1988, Terry passed away. Since then Ninemire has thrived as head coach, with her mentor's influence still alive.

Before Diane Ninemire forged her legacy at Cal, she was Donna Terry’s assistant coach at Texas Woman’s University — but she was also much more than that. She was Terry’s balancing act, her partner in crime and her understudy. Unbeknown to Ninemire, both of their futures would change one day
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Real Bad fuels community activism by partying with a purpose

New exhibition at GLBT History Museum spotlights queer dance party

In the 1980s, the AIDS epidemic led to extreme sex negativity, during which medical advice became mixed up with issues of morality, resulting in hostility toward sexual activity of any kind in the LGBT community. The queer community in San Francisco found ways to escape from this sex negativity and
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What’s the next the LGBTQ community?

This Pride weekend, there is a lot of “what’s next?” talk in LGBTQ-land: in the streets, in the press and in our inboxes. Frankly, we are not used to winning. Oh yes, a battle here and there … but this was “The War.”  Suddenly, LGBTQ people are being told by
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Some upcoming Pride-related health events

You know how we’ve been telling you that summer would consist of beautiful days? June 26 was one of those days. The Defense of Marriage Act (popularly referred to as DOMA) was a federal law that barred the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages legalized by the states. But that
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5 ways to ‘get low’ at Berkeley Dance Marathon

When you hear that word “marathon,” there are probably an assortment of images that run through your head. You might be thinking of a grueling 26.2-mile run that makes you want to hug the toilet for the rest of the week. Or you could be thinking of a movie marathon,
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