Suing ourselves for students

Why is the city of Berkeley “suing itself” over the student district? You might be asking yourself this question if you’ve been reading local news for the past few weeks.
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California Legislature to consider statewide plastic bag ban

Following the footsteps of nearly 100 cities and counties — including Alameda County — who in recent years have implemented local bans on single-use plastic bags, California legislators announced in a press conference last week that they will consider a bill prohibiting the bags statewide.
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Berkeley Copwatch alleges police misconduct in death of Kayla Moore

In its report, Berkeley Copwatch highlighted allegations of police misconduct and a dearth of mental crisis services that they said influenced the death of Moore, who had a history of mental health issues. About 50 people, in addition to six commissioners and four Berkeley police officers, attended the meeting.
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Addressing gun violence in the bay

Growing up in the Middle East during Operation Desert Storm, I could only dream and imagine about how different life in the United States would be. Yet, 20 years later in Oakland, it feels almost as violent as the warzone my family and I tried to escape. It has been
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