Occupy Farm

Protesters postpone decision on future of encampment until Monday

After the campus issued a Saturday deadline for occupiers of UC-owned property in Albany to decide whether to stay or leave, protesters responded they would need until Monday to make their decision. The deadline was issued in a Friday letter authored by Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer and
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Gill Tract occupation impedes agricultural research

Spring is a busy time for a maize geneticist. Experiments have to be planned, students have to be recruited and thousand of seeds have to be carefully organized and packaged for planting. It is important to get everything just right, because we only get one opportunity to do large-scale field
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UC Berkeley Professor of Agroecology Miguel Altieri speaks during teach-outs at the occupy the farm encampment in Albany on Saturday, April 28, 2012.

Faculty members, researchers disagree on Albany encampment

ALBANY, Calif. — Although several UC Berkeley faculty members have expressed support for the encampment on UC-owned land in Albany, researchers who use the land said they are not able to start work due to the occupation. In an open letter to the Albany community, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
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Albany encampment disputes claims of poor sanitation

ALBANY, Calif. — Since protesters first took over UC-owned land in Albany Sunday afternoon, they have made the space their own, setting up a composting toilet, a kitchen that serves food donated by local community members, chickens in portable coops and a beehive. While campus administration has expressed concern about
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The Occupy movement has set up tents and started farming on UC land, where a Whole Food was approved to be built by the Albany City Council.

Protesters occupy UC Berkeley-owned farm in Albany

Members of Occupy Cal, along with other Occupy protesters from the Bay Area, marched from Berkeley to a UC Berkeley-owned farm in Albany on Sunday afternoon with plans to set up an Earth Day encampment. After listening to speakers from various Occupy movements including Occupy San Francisco, Occupy Cal and
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