Pier 39

BART adventures: Embarcadero

We often forget that Berkeley is but a short hop, skip and jump from one of the largest cultural meccas in the United States — San Francisco. The easiest way to travel there for most UC Berkeley students is taking BART, so we at the Clog have decided to find fun
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Keeping it classy on a Berkeley budget

Tired of wasting away your weekends going from one house party to another? Has your roommate’s penchant for becoming so inebriated she has the stability of a broken rocking chair become less endearing? Yearn for the chance to break free from the doldrums of house music in cramped spaces, while you accumulate fellow
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Escape from Alcatraz

The hardened and grizzled old men around me stared calmly out of the ferry window as I anxiously adjusted my goggles for what felt like the 100th time. The man over the intercom announced that the swim would begin in 90 seconds and reiterated the importance of the “jump and
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30 trips to take before class starts

So here you are at Berkeley, lounging again in your room, mulling in your head about whether you’ve milked every last sun-swollen drop of the season. For those of you with adventure still buzzing in your veins, we at The Daily Clog have prepared a list of the perfect weekend
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Cal cliches you still have time for before graduation

So we all missed Holi in its original location this year. Seriously, Lower Sproul redevelopment, quit messing with our paintball fights … or religious expression. If we’re leaving Berkeley for good mid-May, we can’t exactly fit in the hip-hop DeCal that we’ve always wanted to take, and since many of
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