What your coffee order says about you

Coffee may be the only beverage college students like more than alcohol. Here at UC Berkeley, where sleep deprivation is the norm and all-nighters are a common occurrence, coffee is even more valuable. We all need that sweet, sweet caffeine — but how you choose to get this neccesity says
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Mind games to play at a party

We’ve all been there. Your friends finally convince you after a long day to go out, you get to the party and you’re overwhelmingly disappointed. You have to be in a very specific state to actually enjoy a party, and even when your enjoying it for some time, you hit a slump
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Summer drinks, cocktails roundup

This summer Eating Berkeley brought you a medley of delicious and refreshing summer drinks and cocktails. Though the cloudy, grey days have been signaling the return of pumpkin spice and hot chocolate, we at the Clog aren’t quite ready to let go of the sunny days of the past. With game days coming up and the promise of catching some rays in the next couple weeks, we thought we’d share our most thirst-quenching and revitalizing drinks. We made you smoothies and sodas, martinis and mojitos, but mostly we guzzled gin like our very lives depended on it. So read up, plan a party, sunbathe and have your muddler at the ready, but most importantly, enjoy.
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Quiz: How well do you know the Cal Drinking Song?

With the fall semester approaching and game days quickly around the corner, we at the Clog are sure you’re wondering how well you know the Cal Drinking Song. After teaching you how to memorize the lyrics, we thought you’d like to test your new knowledge. Fill in the blanks of
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Amanda Chung/ Staff

Cranberry cosmo drank

It’s officially summer!: also known as the best time of the year aside from Christmas and your birthday. To kick off the season of warm sand between our toes, we at the Clog would like to offer a cool and refreshing beverage to throw back while basking in the sun. Enjoy!
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Rosé sangria

Saturday is National Rosé Day, so we at the Clog thought we would celebrate good times and whip up a pitcher of this refreshing, fruity rosé sangria. The fresh summer fruits bring a bright sweetness to this pink punch, while the triple sec offers a citrus punch to the aftertaste.
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Berry Fizz

Summer cocktails: berry gin fizz

Summer in Berkeley brings us warmer and sunnier days, a general feeling of lethargy and, best of all, berries. All we at the Clog want to do is pull out a towel, bake in the sun and sip on a sweet, refreshing cocktail full of the tastes of summer. This
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