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Friday night found me, as it often does, at a fraternity house. The room smelled like sweat and cheap alcohol, and the floors were sticky with Keystone Light. Across the room from a table littered with empty Solo cups, the two of us swayed our hips next to each other
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Types of people you meet during game days

Whether or not you love football, whether or not you’re going to the games and whether or not Cal is even going to win is irrelevant on game days, because everyone is looking for a fun time — well, almost everyone. With the upcoming game against San Diego State, we’ve categorized the
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pick up sticks

How to turn childhood games into party games

We at the Clog are here to help you corrupt the innocent memories of your childhood by turning some of your favorite childhood games into party games. What better way to enjoy a game day with your friends than to simultaneously incorporate drinks into games you thought you would never play again. Your
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Drinking done right

With classes coming to an end soon and summer quickly approaching, your weekday drinking may increase because there’s no 8 a.m. class for you to feel guilty about showing up hungover for or just completely skipping. The Clog has constructed an updated list of day-of-the-week drinking titles to make sure
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Off the beat: Show up to parties on time, idiots

My only two friends are bottles: a Jack Daniels fifth and a whiskey mixer. They’re sitting together, a perfect pair, as I recline in my chair, alternating swigs from each. A glass full of whiskey sour lies untouched near my feet. My eyes glaze over into a soft focus. I’m half concentrated on the Xbox game I’m playing and half concentrated on the question of when to take my next swig from the whiskey bottle.
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Drinking is a responsibility

The beginning of every academic year, specifically residence-hall move-in weekend, commonly results in an uptick in alcohol-related-illness incidents for students returning to campus. Although the campus has taken appropriate steps to attempt to curb this trend, the responsibility ultimately falls on students to take care of themselves and each other.
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Establish carbon tax on fossil fuels

Sophie Mattson wrote about a Berkeley proposal to require climate change warning labels on gas pumps. It reminded me of a 1983 New York City law requiring establishments selling alcohol to post signs warning pregnant women that drinking alcohol while pregnant can cause birth defects. Alcohol industries worried the signs
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Meg Elison

Drinking game #jobsearch

The Berkeley Bucket List

Ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2014: Everyone is trying to give you advice. Some people are even trying to sell it. Let me give you the only piece of advice that I currently think is worthwhile: Turn your job search into a drinking game.
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Gena-mour Barrett

Party in the USA?

Worlds Collide

A typical night out at my home university consists of the following few things: First is a choice of one of three rather pitiful nightclubs in the area, all of which promise an average night out at best but can’t be faulted for their consistency in delivering mediocrity. After getting
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