Occupy Cal has moved their encampment to Doe Library. Compared to previous encampments, there is almost no police presence.

New Occupy Cal encampment sees little UCPD presence

In a shift from the massive police presence at the first Occupy Cal encampment in November, UCPD has not confronted the camp established last Thursday, aside from announcing general dispersal orders nightly. The Occupy Cal camp, which moved from the steps of Sproul Hall to those of Doe Memorial Library
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Students among those arrested at Oakland demonstration

Several UC Berkeley students were among the estimated more than 400 individuals arrested at the tumultuous Occupy Oakland “Move-in Day” protest on Saturday. The protest — originally planned as a march to turn a vacant building into a new social and political meeting center for the Occupy Oakland movement —
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Anthropology library study-in demonstration continues

In an extension of  a “study-in” demonstration that began Thursday, protesters in UC Berkeley’s anthropology library voted Friday to continue their occupation of the space despite warnings from campus administration that individuals could not be present in the library after hours without faculty supervision. The demonstrators — who are protesting against
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Alex Kim gives account of UCPD detainment

UC Berkeley senior Alex Kim became a prominent face of the Occupy Cal movement after he took a vow of silence and pitched a tent on Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s lawn on Thanksgiving Day. But Kim garnered the most attention from the campus community Dec. 11, when fellow Occupy protesters said Kim was detained by
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Alex Kim, a member of Occupy Cal, was detained on Sunday afternoon.

Silent UC Berkeley protester detained

Alex Kim, a UC Berkeley senior and Occupy Cal protester who took a vow of silence, was detained Sunday by UCPD officers on Sproul Plaza, according to eyewitnesses at the scene. At around 4:38 p.m., a few officers approached a group of demonstrators sitting on the lawn in front of
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