Hottest people who went to UC Berkeley

Even if having Berkeley Goggles is a very real and prevalent disease, UC Berkeley still has some noble and attractive alumni. Although notably hot alumni are often few and far between, we must commend them for putting in the good work all over the world and making people think UC Berkeley
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Alex Morgan, US women’s soccer team eliminated by Sweden

“You saw us give everything that we had today,” said U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo to ESPN. “Unfortunately the better team didn’t win.” On Aug. 12, Cal’s Alex Morgan and the United States national women’s soccer team were unceremoniously eliminated in the Olympic quarterfinals by Sweden, who chose to play a
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Cal alumni Alex Morgan, Carli Lloyd selected to compete in Olympics

With the Summer Olympics drawing ever nearer, more and more current and former Cal athletes continue to find their ways onto rosters. On Tuesday, former Cal superstar Alex Morgan was unsurprisingly announced to have made the U.S. women’s national soccer team. Additionally, former Cal volleyball player Carli Lloyd — not
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Donald Trump

Quiz: Which inappropriate Donald Trump tweet are you?

In the wake of the worst mass shooting in this nation’s history, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump responded with a string of flamingly inappropriate and insensitive tweets in which he selfishly tried to advance his own political agenda. This past week his Twitter page has gone viral, yet this isn’t a new game for Trump. Trump’s Twitter feed resembles the unfiltered and uncut stream of consciousness word spew of an agitated toddler.
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Devang Presad_online

It’s time for equal respect

The past few weeks for sports have been breathtaking. You know, Kobe’s last game. The Warriors surpassing the ‘96 Bulls. So many moments, such little time. Unfortunately, though, a very important issue has been put in the backseat in the last few weeks. I guess I am wrong to use
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Soccer Pro Infographic

On the ball: 5 Cal soccer alumni you should know

It’s no secret that UC Berkeley takes pride in its people. And why shouldn’t it? Seven current faculty members are Nobel Laureates, and its star-studded list of alumni includes Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren, actor Gregory Peck, and chef and environmental activist Alice Waters. And that roster hasn’t even taken into account the
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