11 of the most entertaining UC Berkeley alumni

Sometimes, all you feel like doing is curling up on your unmade bed — in your ratty sweatpants and with a cup of overly strong coffee — and watching YouTube clips. If this is the case,  you clicked on the right blog link — especially if you enjoy feeling awesome
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Quiz: Which celebrity went to Cal?

Are you a trivia aficionado? If so, you probably know that UC Berkeley’s got some pretty big names attached to it — Nobel laureates, best-selling authors, hard-hitting journalists … and good ol’ fashioned celebrities. Curious to know how much you know about the alum who found his or her way
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handshake isolated on business background

The Clog helps you land a job post-graduation

Graduation is basically already here for seniors departing Cal. For some of us this means we need to start stocking up on bathing suits for our three-month-long tour of the Caribbean – all expenses paid by our grandparents. However, for most of us this means we have to start looking for
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Interview with David Litwak, founder of Mozio

The Daily Californian interviews David Litwak, the CEO and founder of Mozio, a travel startup. He and fellow UC Berkeley alum Joseph Metzinger developed Mozio as a platform for users to plan their travel to and from airports via any mode of transportation they would like to use. Mozio will
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‘The Sessions’ too predictable, lacks depth

Mark O’Brien is a 38-year-old polio survivor who spends most of his time in an iron lung. With the help of his two affable caregivers, Vera and Rod, Mark seems to ameliorate the worst excesses of his affliction with good humor and perseverance. In the hyper-liberal Bay Area bubble in
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Berkeley Student Cooperative: Oxford Hall Reunion

Homecoming had special meaning for some alumni who had not seen their former student cooperative since it shut down 35 years ago. The reunion was for students who lived at Oxford Hall, a student-run cooperative that opened in 1933 and closed in 1977. The building is now the site of
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